Iraq on Verge of Economic Renaissance

After years on the Iraq at the center of political events and security in the region seems that today is a candidate to be the focus of the event economic rather than on the regional level only, but in the world, given the potential for great fun with this country, who missed over the last three decades, a lot of opportunities development and construction.

Today, despite the instability associated with the delayed formation of the government, but Iraq is on the outskirts of the renaissance of great economic, as indicated by international reports, including the latest report of the International Monetary Fund on the economies of developing countries, who pointed to the promising opportunities owned by Iraq’s economic growth and development during the year next.

This reading corresponds with the reading of economic experts on the Iraqi arena who believe that all elements of the advancement and development are available in Iraq today, “says economic analyst, Dr. Hilal Al-Tahan, which believes that Iraq is about to overcome the problem of instability that led to delayed growth and development over the past years .

To say that the President of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives the previous Alaa al-Sadoun that will be the biggest growth opportunities in 2011 for the years prior to the two reasons the overall development status of the Iraqi state and provide greater opportunities to attract investment.

The add-Saadoun told Radio Free Iraq to the increase in state investment budget next year to promote economic factors is expected.

In the view of al-Sadoun said the government made over the past years, a long way towards creating the appropriate environment for economic advancement.