Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki endorses and supports event.
High-level delegation from several ministries and headed by deputy prime minister.
Financing of Iraq’s reconstruction to be discussed with international banks and investors.
Iraq is to welcome foreign investors at a major London convention and offer a stake in the country’s economic and financial future.

The major investment conference for Iraq will get underway in London next week from 17-18 September (

A high-level delegation, endorsed by Iraq’s prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, and led by the deputy prime minister, Rowsch Shaways (pictured), will be welcomed by the UK minister of state for trade and investment, Lord Green, at London’s Grange Tower Bridge Hotel.

“Iraq is embarking on a major redevelopment programme and all government departments are preparing for huge growth and expansion,” said Shaways. “The aims and objectives of Iraq Finance 2012 complement the urgent needs and reforms required across the country.”

The delegation will discuss Iraq’s investment requirements and key opportunities for regenerating the country’s financial sector. Iraqi ministers and government officials are expected to call upon the support of the international community to help in financing Iraq’s reconstruction.

It is also a chance for foreign investors to discover the massive financial potential in a stabilized Iraq. The country is already emerging as a major center for international investment following its long isolation from world markets. Major opportunities exist across several industries if the appropriate financing and domestic banking sector is fully established.

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